Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 5 – 8 Time Management Hacks for Busy Writers

When I launched this Inspired Writing vlog, I asked writers – if I could give you one thing that would help with writing and your writing life, what would it be? The number one thing you told me was TIME! So, I scratched my head to figure out how to give you more time. Impossible without Hermione’s time turner, right? WRONG!

I put my thinking cap on and looked at my own life. I write books, support the books I already have published with appearances and marketing, speak and teach (online these days!), edit, and am building a Book Coaching business, all while leading a busy, happy life with my hubby and 3 kids. So, how do I do it?

In this episode, I’ll tell you just how long I’ve been working on efficiency, and share my 8 Time Hacks for Busy Writers downloadable guide, so that you can try out some of my wacky ideas for yourself. Hint: My hacks aren’t the typical writing advice.

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Happy Writing!

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