Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 2 – Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Writers?

Now, more than ever our world is moving online.

I am so grateful for my online communities. I think of my network as my coworkers, and when I take the time to connect online I feel like I’ve been out in the world, even if I haven’t left my house or even my desk all day.

But I am all too aware that access to everything at my fingertips can be a HUGE distraction, which if left unchecked can hurt productivity.

So, how much is enough? Is there value online for writers, or is it just a distraction?

I made this week’s episode to share with you 3 destinations online I’ve found ways to

–          Learn more about writing and the publishing industry

–          Connect with other writers and share tips

–          Connect with readers

Check out this week’s episode above.

Happy Writing!

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