Two Years an Author – What’s it Been Like?

This week marks two years ago that I sold the manuscript for The Fountain to Evil Alter Ego Press, finding myself in the ranks of Author overnight. How time has flown! As I’m preparing for the launch of Book 2 in The Fountain Series, (THE WEST WOODS), people keep asking me, “How’s it going?” So, I thought I’d share with you all how it’s going, and what it’s been like.

It’s going GREAT! I love being an author.

Here’s some stuff I’ve learned…

Writing a book is just the beginning. Becoming a writer is much like starting your own business – no rest for the wicked. There’s writing, there’s editing, then… there’s sales, marketing, promotion, events, media, and more writing. Phew! Luckily, I like it all. No complaints.

So many people are writing a book! It never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet are working on writing their own book. My advice to each and every one of them? Keep at it! Finish it! It can be a scary thing to put your writing out into the world. But if you love it, it’ll show, and you’ll find readers that appreciate what you’ve written. If I can help you in any way, I will, just ask.

The writing community isn’t nearly as daunting as I’d feared (sorry for letting your secret out, y’all). What a welcoming crew. As the publishing industry continues to change, no one author can possibly stay on top of it all by themselves. I’ve been very lucky to be part of many writing communities who have helped me at every step along the way. The most successful authors I know are the ones that are the most giving with their knowledge – they’re the ones I hope to be like someday.

There are many different ways to make a career out of writing. Many writers, like me, have a day job that they love as well. But the most surprising thing I’ve found is that full-time writers make a living many different ways, depending on their skill set and interests. Writing and selling books is only a part of what they do best. Teaching, coaching, editing, freelance, technical writing and more, this group is certainly creative, and inspiring.

Readers are amazing! This has been the most thrilling part of the whole ride – having real live readers experience The Fountain and ask for more. I thank them all for the feedback, reviews, and for sharing this journey with me.

What’s next?…

I have all of you to thank for reading and supporting and sharing my excitement. For all of you (okay, and for me too), I’m planning a huge party this September (2017) and you’re all invited. Whether I see you every day, haven’t seen you in a while, or you’re a reader that I haven’t met yet, I hope you’ll celebrate with me and let me buy you a drink (or a “Fountain” Mocktail for the kiddos!). Celebrate the birth of my second book, as well as celebrating reading, writing and doing whatever it is in life that we love. See you there!

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