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The world needs your story, and you want to be proud of how you’ve written it. This Masterclass will give you new tools in your writer’s toolbelt to give your readers that wow factor.

Dust off that writing project you’ve started… Inspired Writing Season 2, Episode 18

If you started writing a book, but it’s taking longer than you think it was ever going to, you’re definitely not alone. Writing books is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done (that’s one of the things I like most about it!) But what if you’ve started a book and got stuck somewhere along the way? Catch this episode to get you inspired and unstuck. And don’t miss downloading my free checklist to get step-by-step instructions you can use to take action on your book today, no matter what stage you’re at.

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Writers’ Conferences 101 – Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Season 2, Episode 17

The smartest thing I ever did on my writing journey was to network, finding communities of writers who were willing to share. This industry is changing faster than any one writer can keep up with. We need each other to stay on top of everything that’s happening, and to cheer each other on.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve got a few books published already, one way to build community and continue to learn about the amazing process of writing, publishing and selling your books, is to attend a writer’s conference.

This week’s Inspired Writing episode is dedicated to Writers’ Conferences. The first writers’ conference I ever attended set the tone for the rest of my writing career. Curious? Check out this 10 minute video, where I share how to find writers’ conferences, when you should attend.

*BONUS* Download my free guide, Suzy’s Go-Getter’s Guide to Making the Most out of Your next Writers’ Conference, where I share my top 10 strategies to make your Writing Conference work for you.

Are You Talented Enough to Write a Book? – Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Season 2 Episode 16

Do you wonder sometimes if you have the talent to write the book you want to write? Do all successful writers have talent? Do you NEED it?

Want to know how your talent stacks up? Check out this week’s episode of Inspired Writing, where I explore the role of talent in a writer’s toolbox, and explain which essential parts of writing can be taught, versus which ones the writer has to bring to the table.

Download this free checklist to get step-by-step instructions you can use to take action on your book today, no matter what stage you’re at. Get it HERE

Top 5 Signs You’ll be a Successful Writer

Along my path to becoming a full time writer, I met with hundreds of successful writers, and started to see a pattern that pointed to their success. If you’re hoping your next great book idea is going to launch your successful writing career, this episode is for you!

Download Suzy’s checklist to take action on your book TODAY, no matter what stage you’re at with your writing process. GET IT HERE

Is Your Book Idea Good Enough?

Do you have an idea for a book that you think will be the best thing for readers since the invention of Netflix?

Want to know if your book idea is good enough? Check out this week’s episode of Inspired Writing to find out what makes a great idea and how to choose which one to write first to get your book on its way

“Is my writing good enough yet?” she whispered…

I get asked this by writers all the time, who want me to tell them if their writing is good enough.

I get it. Every word you write is a piece of you left on the page and you want it to be the best it can be. And I want to help! Want to skip the learning curve? Grab this free workshop replay, where I share my best tips to “Fix that Manuscript!” Get the Workshop by clicking below!

Want more content like this, LIVE?

I gave this workshop at When Words Collide writers’ festival 2020 Covid edition. Writers’ events are an amazing way to meet other writers and get great tips. I met my first publisher, my publicist and my agent through connections made at this festival. And now I’m a regular presenter and so grateful!  

For 2021 only, When Words Collide will be online and FREE, so you can get access to over 100 writing workshops, no matter where you live. Registration just opened up for this August 2021 festival. Grab your FREE seat HERE, and I’ll see you there!  

Where do Writers get their Inspiration?

I get asked a lot where I get my inspiration and ideas for stories. If you’re just getting started on your writing journey, you might be wondering where your inspiration will come from. If you’ve been writing for a while, maybe you have more ideas than you could ever write about in your lifetime. 

Inspiration is about so much more than coming up with a plot for your book. In this week’s 6 minute Inspired Writing episode, I talk about how tapping into your own inspiration could be the key to making your story the one that only you can write, and that your readers will love. If you’re not doing this, your writing might sound like everything else out there.

Watch it HERE:

Is Your Writing Ready for Readers?

How do you know when your book is ready for readers? I meet writers all the time who hope that their first drafts are ready, and are disappointed to find out that they aren’t. I also meet writers who get bogged down in the revision process and are terrified to let anyone read it.

You could revise your book for months or years, making it incrementally better each time, but where do you stop?

In this week’s Episode of Inspired Writing, I outline 4 steps you should complete before sending your book to readers. Follow these and you’ll KNOW it’s ready.

Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 11 – Tips on Accepting Editor Feedback on Your Book

“I just can’t wait for my editor to point out everything that’s wrong in my book!” …said no writer, ever.

Have you ever held your breath when sending a manuscript out for edits, hoping that it would come back with a gold star on top, and no red ink? I have. In fact, when I first started writing, I saw corrections and suggestions as a sign of failure. That my writing wasn’t good enough.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now, if I got a manuscript back from an editor who told me my writing looked great, I would be looking for a new editor, ASAP. Even though I’ve written several books already, and I’m a trained Book Coach and Editor. Because with every book I write, I push myself to make the writing stronger. To make my next book better. And there’s always something that can be improved, always another perspective to consider.

And I now know that can’t I possibly see everything that could be stronger in my own writing. I welcome feedback.

A good editor is a trusted partner in your writing process. If you’ve ever been nervous to share your writing with an editor, I made this week’s Inspired Writing episode for you – Tips for Accepting Editor Feedback. In this short video, I run through my top three ways to make the most of the feedback you get, so that your book will be the best it can be.

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