Here’s what Suzy’s Clients have to say!

Having Suzy Vadori as a book coach was, to put it simply, terrific. Her comments were supportive, constructive, and ensured I understood the path forward. She didn’t only make my current manuscript better, she gave me the tools to be a stronger writer and approach my next project with confidence.

– Kevin Weir, Author of Endless Hunger, Playwright, Screenwriter

While thinking of new initiatives to spread my message as a business owner, I was inspired to write. BUT I didn’t know where to start, nor did I feel confident in my ability to write. I said out loud in my office one day ‘I want to start writing’. A colleague overheard, and answered my wish by handing me Suzy’s business card. I knew from our first meeting that I had to work with Suzy, and I cannot even describe how amazing working with her has been. I started off by getting support and coaching for writing articles, the articles were accepted into publications, and one even got me a spot on a local morning news program. I then told Suzy I dreamed of writing a kids picture book – and she said let’s do it! Suzy coached my ultra-analytical mind to tap into my imagination and create a children’s book. She then provided support on how to pitch this book to agents, and I received an offer to be represented. Currently I am working on a non-fiction book, a project that aligns with my passion to build financial confidence in women – with the support of Suzy as my coach of course!

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Suzy’s unwavering support as my writing coach on this journey. I went from having a dream to write, to being an agented author thanks to Suzy!

Kalee Boisvert, Children’s Fiction and Adult Non-Fiction Writer

Working with Suzy on my manuscript was an eye-opening experience. Her passion for writing and editing shines through in every comment. She encourages you to do a deep dive into the reason you are writing that particular story, asking prompting questions and providing detailed feedback with examples on how you can move forward. I found her advice invaluable and her questions made me look at my story and writing in a whole new light. If you need help bringing your characters and story to life, I would highly recommend working with Suzy

– R.E. Baird, Fantasy and Romance Writer

Suzy is an amazing editor with an eye not only for technical mishaps that may have been overlooked, but also for plot progression. Suzy digs into each character to aid in their development, and makes them stand out. She is a credit to the industry as both an author and an editor as she knows what works, and more importantly what does not work; especially when it comes to what the reader is looking for. Her talented eye is what every manuscript needs to get that polished look that every author yearns for.

– Joshua Pitre, Fantasy Writer

My edit and coaching with Suzy was invaluable. She asks great questions and encouraged me to dive deeper into my novel and uncover my reason “why” for this story. Her editorial comments helped me positively recognize areas for improvement. She has a gift for pulling world-building out of my head so I can get it onto the page.  Suzy’s knowledge of the writing process and her extra resources are guiding me through this overwhelming writing journey. I would highly recommend her services to any writer looking to improve their work.

– Amurlee Ashton, Middle Grade Fantasy Writer

When my Mystery Manuscript needed a second set of eyes on it I asked Suzy Vadori to have a look at it. She not only found plot issues I needed to address, but also some research errors I had missed. Her knowledge of character development, story structure, and story tone then made a huge difference in my RomCom Manuscript. Next up, will be my Urban Fantasy. I refuse to submit any manuscript to my agent without first having Suzy give me her insightful and constructive feedback… and my agent appreciates it!.

– Tim Reynolds, Author of Waking Anastasia, The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly