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What is a Book Coach?

Book Coach AnnouncementWorking with a Book Coach might just be what you need to start or finish your book like a PRO and get it out into the world this year. Book Coaching is a relatively new profession. The world of publishing is changing rapidly, and gone are the days that agents and publishing houses can nurture writers from initial idea through to completion. If you’re writing a book now, you know that there are up days and down days. Many writers come to me asking, “Is my writing good enough?” Working with a Book Coach means you don’t have to go through the process of writing a book alone, increasing your chance of completion and a successful final product.

What does a Book Coach DO?

1. Project Management

Realistic Deadlines and applying structure to the writing process keeps your writing project on track. We’ll have regular check points to get your book to the finish line.

2. Editing/Writing Craft Support

Working with a Book Coach is like having your own personal writing course, where the subject is YOUR BOOK! Take advantage of a trained professional to skip the learning curve, avoid common pitfalls while writing a book and level up your writing skills.

3. Emotional Support

I’ll say it again, writing is HARD! A Book Coach emphasizes the positives in your writing along with highlighting the areas that need work, so that you fall in LOVE again with the writing process and your manuscript. A Book Coach will battle your doubt weasels and writers block so that you’re in your best writing frame of mind to create.

Why I Became a Book CoachIMG_7154

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting new writers and helping them on their journey. The publishing industry is evolving quickly, and I wanted to find ways to help other authors skip the learning curve and get the stories exploding in their minds on the page in the most effective way. I was asked time and time again if I would work with writers on their projects, until I started saying YES, and voila! A business that I LOVE was born. I am currently finishing up my Advanced Coaching Certification through Author Accelerator, which has given me access to many new coaching and writing techniques.

I specialize in coaching Young Adult/Childrens projects, Science Fiction/ Fantasy, Romance and Non-Fiction (Self Help, Business, Narrative Memoir) but will consider projects outside this scope on a case by case basis.

Suzy’s Book Coaching Packages

Getting Started : Book Blueprint and Outline


Set your writing project up for success! This package is perfect for planning out a new writing project, or getting an existing writing project back on track. We’ll define WHY you’re writing this particular book, identify what you want to say to the world with it, and create a detailed roadmap for your writing process. We’ll examine what’s happening in your scenes on the surface, and how your characters (or your readers in Non-Fiction) grow and change through each progression of your book.

This process includes many concepts and exercises to get to the heart of your story and help you get your amazing concept on the page in the best way possible. We will complete writing of the opening scene to kickstart the writing process. Includes 4 deadlines and 4 coaching calls to review. Package to be completed within three months.

Writing Support and Deadlines


This package is like having a personal trainer walk with you every step of your writing process, setting deadlines and helping you correct your writing form so you don’t get off track, until your book is complete. I’ll provide project management support, editorial feedback along the way, and emotional support to squash the doubt weasels and writers block when they show up (and they always do!).

It’s recommended to complete the Book Blueprint and Outline prior. Package includes 6 deadlines of up to 20 pages of new writing or edits. Additional deadlines can be purchased if needed. Package must be used within 4 months.

Building your Author Platform


As a former business executive, I have extensive experience building brands and businesses and now make a full-time living doing all things writing. This is my most popular package.image2 (1)

We’ll identify your readership and find your author voice. Through a series of discovery exercises, we’ll highlight your strengths and build your community of readers. You will create 3-4 pieces of content using your newly minted brand and use them to launch your author platform.



Pitching/Query Support


Your book is ready to go out into the world! Give it the chance to be discovered. It’s time to make sure you put your best foot forward with your Pitch or Query. With this package, I’ll provide guidance and critiques of two revisions to your pitch or query, getting to the heart of your message and wowing your intended audience. We’ll create a strategy for you to find an agent that works for you.


I love helping writers skip the learning curve in this industry. If there’s something you’d like help with that you don’t see in my offerings, let’s talk!

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