Working with a Book Coach might just be what you need to start or finish your book like a PRO and get it out into the world this year. Book Coaching is a relatively new profession. The world of publishing is changing rapidly, and gone are the days that agents and publishing houses can nurture writers from initial idea through to completion. If you’re writing a book now, you know that there are up days and down days. Many writers come to me asking, “Is my writing good enough?” Working with a Book Coach means you don’t have to go through the process of writing a book alone, increasing your chance of completion and a successful final product.



Realistic Deadlines and applying structure to the writing process keeps your writing project on track. We’ll have regular check points to get your book to the finish line.

2. Editing/Writing Craft Support

Working with a Book Coach is like having your own personal writing course, where the subject is YOUR BOOK! Take advantage of a trained professional to skip the learning curve, avoid common pitfalls while writing a book and level up your writing skills.

3. Emotional Support

I’ll say it again, writing is HARD! A Book Coach emphasizes the positives in your writing along with highlighting the areas that need work, so that you fall in LOVE again with the writing process and your manuscript. A Book Coach will battle your doubt weasels and writers block so that you’re in your best writing frame of mind to create.


One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting new writers and helping them on their journey. The publishing industry is evolving quickly, and I wanted to find ways to help other authors skip the learning curve and get the stories exploding in their minds on the page in the most effective way. I was asked time and time again if I would work with writers on their projects, until I started saying YES, and voila! A business that I LOVE was born. I am currently finishing up my Advanced Coaching Certification through Author Accelerator, which has given me access to many new coaching and writing techniques.

I work with Non-Fiction (narrative memoir), Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult and Middle Grade books. I will also consider projects outside this scope on a case-by-case basis.


Getting Started: Roadmap and Outline


Set your writing project up for success! This package is perfect for planning out a new writing project, or getting an existing writing project back on track. We’ll explore your writing goals, identify what you want to say to the world with it, and create a detailed roadmap for your writing process. We’ll use the Inside Outline, by Jennie Nash, CEO of Author Accelerator among other tools, to test your book’s structure and make sure you have all the ingredients you need for readers to fall in love with it.

This process includes many concepts and exercises to get to the heart of your story and help you get your amazing concept on the page in the best way possible. We will also complete writing of the opening scene to kickstart the writing process. Includes 4 deadlines and 4 x 60 minute coaching calls to review. Package to be completed within three months.

Writing Support and Deadlines


This package is like having a personal trainer walk with you every step of your writing process — setting deadlines, providing feedback, identifying new techniques you can use to level up your writing, and making sure you don’t get off track, until your book is complete. We’ll meet regularly to set goals, discuss your pages, and to squash your doubt weasels when they show up (and they always do!).

It’s recommended to complete my Roadmap and Outline package first. This package includes 6 deadlines of up to 20 pages of new writing or revisions and 6 x 60 minute coaching calls to review. Additional deadlines can be purchased if needed. Package must be used within 4 months.



Your book is ready to go out into the world! Give it the chance to be discovered. It’s time to make sure you put your best foot forward with your Pitch or Query. With this package, I’ll provide guidance and critiques of two revisions to your pitch or query, getting to the heart of your message and wowing your intended audience. We’ll create a strategy for you to find an agent that fits your goals.


Developmental Edit Package

Manuscript Wordcount under 60,000 words - $2250
Manuscript Wordcount over 60,000 words - $2750

This is the deluxe package for when you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can on your own. This developmental edit will take you over the finish line, getting your manuscript ready for agents, publishers, or to publish yourself. I’ll do an in-depth read, providing comments throughout your manuscript, including reader reactions and suggestions for fixes.

I incorporate a decade of knowledge on story structure, character development and reader engagement to help you skip the learning curve and make your manuscript the strongest it can possibly be.

This package includes inline comments as well as an edit letter highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. I will point out grammatical errors and typos the first few times they occur, and provide instruction and links to further information on how to fix them. However, this package is not a substitution for a copy edit.

I offer a two-week turnaround on feedback, so you’re not left waiting. I generally have a waitlist for this package, so check with me early to avoid disappointment!

Why Work with Me?

I LOVE helping writers achieve their ambitious writing goals! I‘ve learned my craft from some of the best agents and writers in the business, and I’m so happy to pass on this knowledge to make your book pop off the page and grab your readers.

If you have a story to tell, I will meet you where you’re at with the project and guide you to write the book you know in your heart you were meant to write. I always deliver feedback in my incredibly positive and supportive spirit, while not shying away from giving honest advice.


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