Top 5 Signs You’ll be a Successful Writer

Along my path to becoming a full time writer, I met with hundreds of successful writers, and started to see a pattern that pointed to their success. If you’re hoping your next great book idea is going to launch your successful writing career, this episode is for you!

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Is Your Book Idea Good Enough?

Do you have an idea for a book that you think will be the best thing for readers since the invention of Netflix?

Want to know if your book idea is good enough? Check out this week’s episode of Inspired Writing to find out what makes a great idea and how to choose which one to write first to get your book on its way

“Is my writing good enough yet?” she whispered…

I get asked this by writers all the time, who want me to tell them if their writing is good enough.

I get it. Every word you write is a piece of you left on the page and you want it to be the best it can be. And I want to help! Want to skip the learning curve? Grab this free workshop replay, where I share my best tips to “Fix that Manuscript!” Get the Workshop by clicking below!

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Where do Writers get their Inspiration?

I get asked a lot where I get my inspiration and ideas for stories. If you’re just getting started on your writing journey, you might be wondering where your inspiration will come from. If you’ve been writing for a while, maybe you have more ideas than you could ever write about in your lifetime. 

Inspiration is about so much more than coming up with a plot for your book. In this week’s 6 minute Inspired Writing episode, I talk about how tapping into your own inspiration could be the key to making your story the one that only you can write, and that your readers will love. If you’re not doing this, your writing might sound like everything else out there.

Watch it HERE:

Is Your Writing Ready for Readers?

How do you know when your book is ready for readers? I meet writers all the time who hope that their first drafts are ready, and are disappointed to find out that they aren’t. I also meet writers who get bogged down in the revision process and are terrified to let anyone read it.

You could revise your book for months or years, making it incrementally better each time, but where do you stop?

In this week’s Episode of Inspired Writing, I outline 4 steps you should complete before sending your book to readers. Follow these and you’ll KNOW it’s ready.

Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 11 – Tips on Accepting Editor Feedback on Your Book

“I just can’t wait for my editor to point out everything that’s wrong in my book!” …said no writer, ever.

Have you ever held your breath when sending a manuscript out for edits, hoping that it would come back with a gold star on top, and no red ink? I have. In fact, when I first started writing, I saw corrections and suggestions as a sign of failure. That my writing wasn’t good enough.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now, if I got a manuscript back from an editor who told me my writing looked great, I would be looking for a new editor, ASAP. Even though I’ve written several books already, and I’m a trained Book Coach and Editor. Because with every book I write, I push myself to make the writing stronger. To make my next book better. And there’s always something that can be improved, always another perspective to consider.

And I now know that can’t I possibly see everything that could be stronger in my own writing. I welcome feedback.

A good editor is a trusted partner in your writing process. If you’ve ever been nervous to share your writing with an editor, I made this week’s Inspired Writing episode for you – Tips for Accepting Editor Feedback. In this short video, I run through my top three ways to make the most of the feedback you get, so that your book will be the best it can be.

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Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 10 – Are there Rules in Writing?

How do you know when you need to follow advice, and when your book is the exception to the rule and you should go with your gut?

In this week’s Inspired Writing Episode, I’ll talk strategies to incorporate feedback. How much of it to take, and how much of it you can leave.

Does wordcount matter? What about point of view? Do you have to follow a typical story arc? What to do if you want your book to stand out!

I outline three things to consider when deciding what feedback to take:

  • Your goals for the book
  • Knowing the rules before you break them
  • What you want to say to your readers

Because you want to get that book exploding in your mind onto the page. But you also want readers to love it.

Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 9 – Is Writer’s Block a Myth?

If you’ve ever watched a movie about a struggling writer, you’ve heard of writer’s block. It’s that nasty plague that chases your muse away, right? But is this something that happens to actual writers?

I’ve spoken with hundreds of writers on their productivity, and I’m going to say yes… and no.

Broken down, Writer’s Block is the simple act of time passing and writing not getting done. And to be clear, that happens to most, if not all writers at some point, so if it’s happening to you, you’re not alone.

But there are many reasons this might be happening and figuring out what kind of Writer’s Block you’re experiencing is the key to resolving it and getting back to the good work of writing.

If you’re not writing as much as you want to be, I made this week’s Inspired Writing episode for you. In this week’s 10 minute video tip, I describe the 4 most common reasons I see as a Book Coach that writers aren’t writing, and give 6 strategies to break free and let your creative juices flow again.

Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 8 – My Unique System of Setting Creative Goals

If there’s one thing I’m known for by my friends and colleagues, it’s killing whatever writing and business goals I set for myself. In this week’s Inspired Writing episode (the first of 2021!), I want to share with you the three areas I focus on that help me move my writing forward every day.

2020 was the most challenging year yet for many of us. In March, I watched helplessly as my full roster of speaking engagements evaporated and my event appearances were canceled. I hunkered down and adapted my home office to accommodate my husband and three kids for work and online learning. I took some time to reflect on where I was going. I took a deep breath and set goals in my three focus areas. I trusted in the process I’d enacted many times before and I showed up every day with intention. I defined not only WHAT I wanted to achieve, but HOW and WHY as well. These three areas are especially important when setting creative goals and I’ll walk you through how to define your own goals to make the biggest impact you can on your writing life.

Through the remainder of 2020, I completed my Advanced Book Coaching Certification from Author Accelerator, grew my Book Coaching practice, started this weekly Vlog to help others with their writing lives and still managed to get a new book on submission. Phew! In December, I hired my first two part time employees to support my growing business.

At the start of 2020, I couldn’t have imagined where this year would take me, but I’m pumped for 2021 and super excited to share my goal setting process with you, which I’ve honed over two decades as a business executive before starting my own business doing all things writing. Get my goal setting strategy <<HERE>>

No matter where you are on your writing journey, I’m here to support you. I can’t wait to hear all about your 2021 writing goals and supporting everything you want to achieve this year. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re hoping for. I’m cheering you on!

Suzy Vadori’s Inspired Writing Episode 7 – 5 Things to do Before you Hire an Editor

Finding a great partnership with an editor is the single best thing you can do for your writing to make sure the book you’ve created is exactly what you hoped it would be. A trained editor can help you see your book from a reader’s perspective and help make your writing stronger.

As in many professions, there good editors out there and some not so good. And a perfect fit for one writer might not be for the next. So, how do you make sure you get what you need from your investment?

In this week’s Inspired Writing Episode, I share with you 5 simple things that you, the writer, can do before hiring an editor to get the most out of your experience and make your book shine.