How a Young Adult Novel was Born…

LIVE interview with Simon Rose on Fantasy Fiction Focus YouTube channel gets to the bottom of how The Fountain (my debut YA Romantic Fantasy Novel – out December 8, 2015) was born.

I’m a busy mom of three who works full time. The number one question I’ve gotten from friends and family since The Fountain was launched is HOW? There’s no easy answer to that. Writing is a commitment for sure, and The Fountain is a story that kept growing as I wrote and ended up being a wonderful mix of  magic, mystery and intrigue.

While the launch of The Fountain has taken much more time and attention than I’d ever imagined, I’m excited by people’s reactions and can’t wait to get Book 2 in The Fountain Series out there! Writing is definitely a discipline – one that I’m proud to be student of.

Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed recording it!

LIVE Fantasy Fiction Focus Interview – Suzy Vadori

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