Some Strange Questions my Publisher asked me…

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We here at Evil Alt Ego Press are super excited to introduce the newest member of our author family, Suzy Vadori. Suzy is the author of The Fountain, coming out December 8th 2015. Recently Suzy sat down with Michell and I to talk about her book, and tell us a little bit more about herself.

The interview was great fun and we are excited to share it with you today. So, without any further delay:


Tell us a little about yourself
Where do you live?

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Have you lived there all your life?

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I’ve moved around a lot. I was born in Nova Scotia and still visit there every summer. As a kid I also lived in Toronto, London (Ontario), Boston and Calgary. In my adult life I’ve lived and worked in Toronto, New York City and now back to Calgary. My books tend to be set in places I’ve lived and know. The Fountain is set near Boston, where I went to grade school.

evilalteregoWhat do you do for a “real” job?




View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyI use the right side of my brain, running operations for a packaged goods company. Lots of math and project management.

evilalteregoHave you always wanted to be a writer?



View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyYes.

evilalteregoSince is it indelicate to ask a woman her age, are you old enough to remember the “Coke and a Smile” ad campaign? What about the Mean Joe Green – Coke ad?

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyI’m actually good with my age. I don’t really see age as a hurdle. You can do anything you want to do, at any age. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

evilalterego So… YA fiction – Team Edward or Team Jacob, Team Gale or Team Peeta, and what faction would you be in?

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyTeam Jacob, hands down. No choice – I tell my husband he looks like Taylor Lautner.
If I had to choose – Gale. But neither’s relationship with Katniss really fits what I expect from a romantic story line. Katniss deserves more than either of them offer.
Sadly, I have to admit I’d be in Erudite. I’d like to say I’m dauntless brave or selfless abnegation, but I’d rather sit around and think all day…

evilalteregoWhen did you get started writing?



View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyIn grade school I wrote lots of stories and started lots of novels that I never finished.

evilalteregoThis is your first book, where did the idea come from, or can you describe the process of writing this book?

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyThis book, believe it or not, came from a novel I started when I was 10 or 11. I was (and am) a huge fan of Gordon Korman and his MacDonald Hall books that took place at a boarding school. I just love the setting where the kids can sneak in and out of each others’ rooms at night, breaking rules. Of course, this novel setting is with older kids, who have more mature problems as well as a romantic story line, but it still has the fun, rule breaking aspect of being away from parents.

evilalteregoAre there other books in the world of The Fountain?


View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyThe Fountain is the first book of The Fountain Trilogy. The most common questions I get asked by readers of The Fountain are about Courtney, who only appears in The Fountain briefly. She is such a strong character and the story of how she got to that point is the one that wants to be told in the second book.

evilalteregoWho is your favorite fictional character?

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyAnne of Green Gables. Sassy, smart and accomplished in her time.

evilalteregoDo you have any writing habits or rituals? For example, do you only write in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee three inches away from the left side of your computer, because everyone knows you only drink coffee with your left hand while you are writing. Your blue fuzzy slipper socks on your feet, because the pink ones are just silly when you are writing. And of course the music cranked up to 4.75 because anything more or less would just not work. For example.

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyNo. I work full time and have a busy life with my husband and three kids, so I write when and where I can, I’m not fussy. I keep a laptop in my purse and pull it out whenever I have the chance. I write in hockey arenas, on airplanes, sitting in a hallway waiting to pick up kids at their activities, wherever. If I actually find myself with a block of a few hours, I pick a coffee shop or pub and don’t get up. Being out of the house works well for my creative process. Less dishes and laundry calling me. But editing is a whole different story. I can edit in those places too, but more often than not I edit in my home office or at my kitchen table. Editing feels more like work than initial writing, so I feel more justified ignoring the chores.

evilalteregoTell us your favorite part of the whole process with this book.

View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyI love getting feedback from readers. I love when they get excited about the book and ask questions about The Fountain’s world and Ava.

evilalteregoWhat is next for you?


View More: http://lydiamacintosh.pass.us/suzyI am working on Books 2 and 3 in The Fountain series. Book 2 will come out next year.

We want to thank Suzy for taking the time to sit down with us and answer our questions, strange though some of them where. We are really excited to work with her and look forward to sharing her book with you. For more information about The Fountain, please check out the Evil Alter Ego Press bookstore. For more information about Suzy Vadori see out authors page.

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